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3 Steps for Better Custom Diamond Painting

So you are going to upload your photo for custom diamond painting.

But, STOP before you place the order and follow these 3 steps for best-customized effect.

What matter most for your diamond painting quality are:

  • Choose Large High-Quality Photos. 
  • Correct Colors of Your Original Photos 
  • Choose suitable canvas size which matches your photo

1. How to choose a high-quality photo?

  • Very large 
  • Very high-pixel -- Zoom in the picture to 200%, if it's blurry, then the effect probably be bad
  • Taken in good light, no large shadowy area - or the diamond painting will show a large black area
  • No overexposure 
  • Background is simple, no chaos
  • Better with large face proportion if you are making a portrait

2. How to correct photo color?

In some cases your photo has color cast, and you need to use image optimizer software to correct the color before upload. Google "photo optimizer" and pick one tool you like.

3. How to choose a suitable canvas size?

First, you need to identify the photo ratio (Length : Width = Ratio). You can also refer to the following chart:

For example, if you got a 1:1 photo (a square photo), you can choose 30x30, 35x35, 40x40...size

Second Step: identify how many people in your photo

Third Step: check this size chart to pick up the right size for your room.

If you still have no idea how to choose photo and canvas size, remember one thing: The larger, the better! Size above 60x80cm ensures good effect, and for 80x100cm you can choose almost any picture to customize.

And don't forget we are always here to help! Email us with your photo to support@crushfun.com, or simple message us on Facebook. Our staff will give you helpful suggestions.

Happy customizing!


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